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If everything went OK you should be able to see new address in the response from your servers.After some time (depending on your zone cache and TTL settings) these changes will be propagated to the global DNS system.If the slave cannot obtain a new copy of the zone data, it stops responding for the zone. Use the Ya ST DNS module to configure a DNS server for the local network. The following configuration examples refer to BIND, the default DNS server. The corresponding entry could look like this: DNSSEC, or DNS security, is described in RFC 2535.

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query to be logged, in which case the log file could grow extremely large. If there are multiple MX entries, the mail server with the smallest value is taken first and, if mail delivery to this server fails, an attempt is made with the next higher value.

But now i can dig ns.insec -t axfr ** and **dig not.insec -t axfr ** from the machine 1 and it is transfering the zone file but machine two can dig but can not transfer the zone file.

I'm running a BIND9/Ubuntu DNS server on Amazon EC2.

Is it possible to minimize the replication interval (say around 15-20 mins) without restarting these services manually?

Previously, we had master DNS in Linux BIND and whenever named was restarted the records used to get updated instantly in the slave servers.

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